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Kinkkutemppu was held for the fifth time during Christmas 2020. Several companies have been involved in making the campaign possible and Kinkkutemppu has gained great visibility and popularity among the citizens. Project group has made efforts to make fat collection easy and to integrate it into the everyday operating environment.

The rapture has been a unique event. The core of Kinkkutemppu is to make the circular economy a visible part of the daily lives of Finns. We consider it important that, through circular economy solutions, the by-products of the food industry are utilized 100%. Kinkkutemppu has made the circular economy practical for Finnish households as well, where everyone has been able to participate in the implementation.

About 55 tons of fat were collected this year. At Christmas 2020, households were also able to recycle fish, turkey and chicken fats in addition to ham fats. An estimated 240,000 households participated in fat collection. The amount of fat collected decreased, but the estimated amount of participating households increased. Meat information states that smaller, boneless hams are more popular every year. In addition, the corona may have had an effect on the size of the ham when Christmas was celebrated in a smaller circle. As a result, less fat was accumulated per household. Neste MY renewable diesel could drive up to 17 times around the globe made from the entire amount of the fat.

Businesses need to find new solutions to reuse limited natural resources. We need to produce more from less. Organic raw materials must be utilized by creating new products from them, and Kinkkutempu’s ideology is at the heart of the Honkajoki Group’s business and strategy: creating well-being and growth by recycling.

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