Growth by recycle

Honkajoki Oy (ltd) is Finland’s leading processor of animal by-products. We manufacture and refine animal by-products into high-quality, clean and safe raw materials for our customers in various industrial sectors. Organic materials sourced from the food chain and regarded as waste are reborn as commodities used as raw materials for, for example, animal food, fertilizers, cosmetics and fuels.

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Certified operations in accordance
with several ISO and EU standards

As a Finnish company, we comply with the world’s highest production standards. We can ensure that all our products are 100 % pure and that environmental resources are being used as sustainably a possible. Consequently, our customers can take advantage of the nutritious raw materials in their own business safely and responsibly.

100 % clean products

Meat and Bone Meal

Class 2 bone meal, a raw material for organic fertilizers.

Low Ash Chicken Meal

A clean raw material produced from chicken by-products.

Poultry protein meal sack

Poultry Protein Meal

A nutrient-rich raw material that provides the base for the best animal nutrition products.

Porcine Protein Meal

Clean protein to be used as a raw material for animal feed or pet food.

Transport services in Finland

Product’s safety starts at the beginning of the supply chain. We collect dead animals from farms and animal by-products from abattoirs, and transport them to our production facilities. These organic materials are further processed into safe products and raw materials with Honkajoki Ltd’s carefully planned production methods. The transport service is available in Finland only.

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