Honkajoki CIRCWASTE Challenge has ENDED

In Finland, most of the offal generated in farms, abattoirs and meat cutting plants is eventually sent for processing at Honkajoki Ltd. Based on the circular-economy concept, the waste will be refined to high quality organic raw materials to be utilized in the production of energy, and in the feed and fertiliser industries. In addition to pure proteins, also fat is recovered, which can be used as a raw material for biodiesel and in the production of cosmetics and industrial greases.

– The demand of animal-derived greases as a raw material for biofuels is growing. We have not been able to respond to the demand sufficiently. Fat separated by heating contains a large amount of nitrogen which is problematic in biodiesel production, says Managing Director Kari Valkosalo from Honkajoki Ltd.

Honkajoki Ltd launched a CIRCWASTE Challenge competition in collaboration with Prizztech Ltd to find innovative solutions for processing animal-derived fat. The competition was open for experts in the field of circular economy.

– We are satisfied with the results of the competition. In the proposals, the challenges were approached with a wide range of different methods. The best proposals had potential for cost-effective solutions, and we will proceed with developing them, Kari Valkosalo continues.

The evaluation team of Honkajoki Ltd has decided that the providers of best proposals, i.e. RDI Unit of Centria University of Applied Sciences and HKScan Corporation will be invited for further negotiations.

– On the theme of circular economy, the innovation challenge concept was used for the first time. This proved to be an effective way to find experts and new solutions for the challenges on this theme. More challenges are published in the near future, says specialist Tuula Raukola of Prizztech Ltd.

Honkajoki CIRCWASTE Challenge was part of the Industrial CIRCWASTE Challenge series launched by Prizztech Ltd. The purpose of the challenges is to promote efficient and innovative use of industrial waste and by-products produced in Satakunta region.


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