Honkajoki Group’s first sustainability report has been published

As Finland’s leading processor of animal by-products, we have a great responsibility not only for our stakeholders, but also for the well-being of the environment and our society. We want to be pioneers in all areas of our business, including corporate responsibility.

Producing a sustainability report was a natural step for the group to improve the transparency of its operations, as sustainability is one of the most important themes for our business. Only by operating responsibly we can guarantee the continuity and development of our business and be a reliable and competitive partner for our stakeholders. Therefore Honkajoki Group commits in the future to report annually on the implementation of responsibility in our company and to set and monitor the objectives for measures that promote responsibility, even though the law doesn’t oblige the group to do so.

The report describes principal events, trends in the operating environment and key business figures for 2017. In the report, we respond to issues of interest and concern to our stakeholders, and we highlight the way we operate concerning these issues taking place in our environment. The themes discussed in the sustainability report have emerged in discussions and interviews with our stakeholders.

The report has been implemented in line with the Core level of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard. The report is available in English and Finnish.

Download the report here.

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