Honkajoki Oy is part of the state’s security of supply chain – even in times of crisis, production must be secured

The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a pandemic since March 11, 2020. We have had to put in place exceptional arrangements to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. Human health and preventing the spread of the disease are, of course, the most important goal at the moment.

Honkajoki Oy is part of the state’s security of supply chain. In these exceptional circumstances, we safeguard Honkajoki Oy’s core operations, which guarantees the continuity and self-sufficiency of Finnish food production. The in-house digital leap instantly became truly significant and we have succeeded in doing so with the help of our highly committed and professional staff. Practically all activities are decentralized. Office work has been transferred to homes and exceptional arrangements are in place in the factory areas to prevent infections and secure operations.

In principle, all visits to Honkajoki Oy’s premises have been terminated for the time being. We have restricted travel and staff meetings internally as well as meetings with external stakeholders. Only meetings necessary for the operation will be arranged, which we will not be able to conduct in any other way, such as a remote meeting or otherwise without being physically present. If necessary, contact the meeting organizer.

We have put in place special arrangements for all outgoing and incoming loads. This requires special arrangements to ensure the smooth and compliant arrival of raw materials and the dispatch of finished products. Access to the factory premises from outsiders is currently prohibited and we will keep the office door locked.

For more information, call Pekka Lahtinen on +358 50 338 3027

The guidelines will be updated according to the development of the situation and official instructions.

Kari Valkosalo

managing director


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