Honkajoki Oy refines animal by-products into high-quality raw materials for industrial use

Honkajoki Oy is Finland’s leading processor and refiner of animal by-products. We collect animal by-products and dead animals from Finnish farms, slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants and refine them into clean, high-quality and safe products for our customers in various industrial sectors. Our products are used as raw materials for example in animal feed, biofuels and energy industries. Our PAP products are exported to Europe, Asia, Africa and Russia.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our operations, which is reflected especially in three ways: we take care of the environment, we promote resource recycling in accordance with principles of circular economy, and we act ethically in all areas of our business. Our mission is to make sure that all the valuable nutrients in animal-derived by-products remain in the circle of life for as long as possible, with minimal waste and environmental disturbance.



Pure, high-quality products from Finnish raw materials

Our products contain only organic raw materials from Finnish producers, which is why we know exactly where our raw materials come from and how they are produced. Finnish producers work in compliance with the world’s strictest standards and laws, and the entire production chain from farm to meat cutting plants and factories is carefully documented. A minimal amount of antibiotics has been used in animals’ care, and broilers have not been treated with antibiotics at all.

Efficient logistics as well as modern transportation equipment ensure that the raw materials are always handled hygienically, preserving their high quality. The collection of raw material is planned by our own logistics department, which uses the HELOS software, created to meet Honkajoki Group’s needs in logistics planning and monitoring. The software processes raw material transportation orders and optimizes kilometers by planning the routes.

The raw materials are processed in accordance with thouroughly defined operating models and quality requirements. The quality of each patch is evaluated before delivering products to customers – no patch leaves our premises without the approval of the quality control. Our customers receive only products that are 100% pure, organic and sustainable.


Resource-wise Honkajoki®-concept is based on circular economy

During the 50 years of our operations, we have put all our experience and development efforts into our Honkajoki® concept, which is one of the world’s most efficient, responsible and resource-wise processing models for animal-derived raw materials today. Thanks to technological innovations, we can refine all incoming organic materials into products or energy. The condensation heat of our production is used to heat the surrounding production facilities of local companies throughout the year. Wastewaters we treat in our own treatment plant.

Registered trademark protects our concept’s material and immaterial properties from misuse and infringement, which brings extra value to our business and strengthens our position in the market. We have packaged the know-how of our concept into a solution consulting service that we export to companies in developing countries. The concept is applicable to a wide range of operating environments and adaptable according to raw material and by-product flows. It therefore provides an energy and cost efficient alternative to even the most challenging conditions. The concept is of interest to actors especially in Asia and Africa, where energy production systems are unreliable, and infrastructure is incomplete.



Corporate responsibility is an important part of our business

Meat consumption is increasing fast, especially in countries, where living standards are rising rapidly. Meanwhile, tightening standards define an increasing proportion of the animal as by-products. Animal by-products will thus increasingly be formed worldwide, but their potential as industrial raw materials is still untapped.

Recycling 100 % of the materials is possible, and our task is to promote it worldwide. More efficient utilization of by-products would not only improve the sustainable productivity of the meat industry and agriculture, but also reduce climate emissions from the production of new goods as well as prevent the spread of animal epidemics. It would also contribute to the use of renewable resources and prevent over-consumption.

Our mission is to find ways to recycle resources even more efficiently. We are committed to looking for new processing options for animal by-products as well as to further developing the sustainability, scalability and energy efficiency of our concept. We work closely with different research institutes to find new solutions and methods, and we actively participate in projects that aim at researching and developing the operation models of circular economy and agroecology.


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