Honkajoki Oy was granted an export license for Poultry Protein Meal to South Africa and Thailand

Honkajoki Oy started exporting Porcine Protein Meal to South Africa and Thailand last year. Now the company has received an official confirmation for the export licence of Poultry Protein Meal to the same countries. Reetta Nevala, The Development Manager of Honkajoki Oy, sees that the porcine processed animal protein has opened the market also for their other products.

“The Porcine Protein Meal was well accepted in these destinations and our clients have enquired us about our other products. This encouraged us to also apply for the export license for our Poultry Protein Meal. The purity of our products has convinced our customers”, says Reetta Nevala, the Development Manager of Honkajoki Oy.

In 2017 Honkajoki Oy deployed a new poultry line that focuses on the further processing of poultry by-products. The capacity of the new production line is equivalent to the current processing volume of these products in Finland on the whole. The production line supports the company to increase and ensure the sustainable value of poultry products. It also helps Honkajoki Oy to improve their position on the international market.

“We get a lot of enquiries around the globe. So far we’re focused on exporting our products to destinations with the best potential. With the new production line, we have better opportunities and more capacity to respond to growing international demand. We expect that about two thirds of our Poultry Protein Meal production will be exported”, says Nevala.

Poultry processed animal protein can be used as a nutrient-rich raw material in pet and fish feed production. The key factors for the aroused interest among potential customers are the company’s supervised processing, clean ingredients and quality product. In addition, the good reputation of the company has helped Honkajoki Oy to gain a stable position in the regional markets of South Africa and Thailand.


Further information: Reetta Nevala, +358 40 554 0857, reetta.nevala@honkajokioy.fi


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