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Honkajoki Oy’s new production line represents a substantial investment in the processing of poultry by-products

Honkajoki Oy has made a considerable investment in a new production plant. The capacity of the new poultry line, which focuses on the further processing of poultry by-products, is at the same level as the current annual processing volume of these products in Finland on the whole. As a result of the investment, Honkajoki’s production capacity increased by 70%, which contributed to 11 new jobs being created at the plant. The new line produces poultry-derived processed animal protein that is a valuable export product for the European, Asian, Russian and African markets.

Preparations for the commissioning of the new poultry line took a year and a half. Increasing Honkajoki’s production volume from 100,000 to 170,000 tonnes, the facility represents a major investment for the company.

‘This a huge step not only for us but also for the region as a whole. The increase in the production volume enabled us to hire 11 new employees. Some of our old employees transferred to the new line and we hired new people to take over their previous tasks. Thanks to the new production line, we can increase the value of poultry products and ensure that this value is retained in the future too,’ explains Honkajoki’s Managing Director Kari Valkosalo.

The new production line is already in operation. The quantity of both the raw material processed and the end product generated will increase over the coming months, with the line beginning to operate at full capacity in the new year.

The poultry by-products used as a raw material come from abattoirs owned by HK, Atria and Länsikalkkuna.

The poultry-derived processed animal protein produced at the new line is highly valued as a raw material at the European, Asian, Russian and African markets

With the new production facility, Honkajoki Oy can ensure that raw materials produced from the by-products of poultry processing return to the cycle of nature, in line with the company’s values. The new plant generates animal protein and fats, which make valuable raw materials for pet foods and fish feed. Its processing method is based on low-heat wet rendering, which guarantees that the end products are of high quality, pure and rich in protein.

‘Processed animal protein derived from poultry has a high market value because it can be used in fish feed to replace fishmeal. This animal protein is rich in protein and nutrients, and easy to digest. Typically, fish feed is made of fishmeal, which is expensive and in short supply as it comes from wild-caught fish. Processed animal protein derived from poultry offers a solution to these challenges,’ shares Production Director Matti Lehtinen.

Legislation permits extensive use of processed poultry-based protein in fish feed.

Principles of the circular economy laid a strong foundation for the new plant

Honkajoki Oy’s production model is based on the principles of the circular economy. One of the cornerstones of this model is self-sufficiency in energy production, ensured by the company’s wind farm and water-treatment facility. The new production plant ranks as the company’s most energy-efficient facility.

‘Most of the water generated in the process is removed with an MVR evaporator that only uses 20 kWh of energy per cubic metre. This figure is extremely low,’ explains Lehtinen.

Any excess heat generated by the process is recovered and used to heat the green houses operating in the vicinity of the company. More information on Honkajoki’s unique circular economy model is available online at https://honkajokioy.fi/en/environment-circular-economy/

‘Thanks to the new production line, we can increase the value of poultry products and ensure that this value is retained in the future too.’ Kari Valkosalo, Honkajoki Oy     Further information Kari Valkosalo, Tel. +358 10 834 6417 or +358 10 834 6400 kari.valkosalo@honkajokioy.fi Managing Director, Honkajoki Oy   Matti Lehtinen Tel. +358 10 834 6404 matti.lehtinen@honkajokioy.fi Production Director, Honkajoki Oy  

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