Nordic Soya’s Janne Lukkarinen is new Managing Director of Honkajoki Oy

Kari Valkosalo, Managing director of Honkajoki Oy, will retire in the spring of 2023 at the end of his long career. At the beginning of June, Janne Lukkarinen from Nordic Soya Oy, who has worked for a long time in international trade and the circular economy, will take over the management of the company.

Lukkarinen considers Honkajoki to be a unique circular economy operator in Finland. He sees the company’s growth path as increasing the processing value, i.e. developing new products and taking concept know-how abroad.

– The circular economy is the only sustainable way for humanity to consume, and Honkajoki Oy wants to be at the forefront of taking Honkajoki’s circular economy concept to the world, Lukkarinen says.

Lukkarinen has extensive and international experience in the feed, pine oil, biofuel and oil refining industries. He has a master’s degree in economics. Currently, Lukkarinen works as a commercial director at Nordic Soya Oy, a Finnish producer of vegetable proteins and vegetable oils, and is responsible for the export of vegetable proteins and vegetable oils, logistics and raw material procurement. Before Nordic Soya Oy, Janne had a long career, e.g. Employed by Forchem Oy and Neste Oyj in sales, business development, raw material procurement and risk management tasks.

In managing the work community, Lukkarinen emphasizes the importance of teamwork and well-being at work.

– The company’s most important asset is its employees; committed and qualified experts. Well-being at work and appreciation of each job is important, it also affects the results, Lukkarinen states.

The current Managing Director of Honkajoki, Kari Valkosalo, has seen a lot during his nearly 20-year Managing Director tenure.

– The biggest leaps in Honkajoki’s growth path took place in 2017 when the processing of poultry by-products started at Honkajoki. Legislation has also become more enabling. The basic pillars of the development have been professional board work, competent personnel in all aspects and a comprehensive network of partnerships. Honkajoki has been an interesting workplace and will be in good hands. We have just renewed our strategy and it guides the company strongly towards a responsible tomorrow. We intend to be the safest and most reliable operator in our field, says Valkosalo.

– Kari Valkosalo has done a very meritorious job and has been creating one of the world’s most efficient and responsible circular economy concepts of animal-derived raw materials for by-products of the meat industry in Honkajoki. From Janne Lukkarinen, we will have a successor to Kari’s work with an excellent experience base to also conquer possible new market areas, says Mika Ala-Fossi, chairman of the board of Honkajoki Oy.

More information:

Mika Ala-Fossi, chairman of Honkajoki’s board, tel. 040831 0342, mika.ala-fossi@atria.com

Kari Valkosalo, CEO, Honkajoki Oy, tel. 010 834 6417, kari.valkosalo@honkajokioy.fi

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