Bovine Protein Meal

A nutrient-rich raw material that provides the base for the best animal nutrition products possible.

Bovine Protein Meal is an animal protein produced from bovine by-products. Bovine Protein Meal can be used as a natural and nutrient-rich raw material in pet foods and feed products, for example.

The protein ingredients processed by us contain amino acids, fats, minerals, and micronutrients needed by the animals. The production process is fully compliant with EU regulations, thus ensuring first-class product safety.

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Product specification
Protein >50%
Fat <14%
Moisture <8%
Coarse fibers <2%
Ash <28%

~1.5m³ “big bag”

Our products

Meat and Bone Meal

Class 2 bone meal, a raw material for organic fertilizers.

Nitrogen 8-9 %
Phosphorus 5-6 %
Calcium 12-13 %
Organic compounds approx. 50%

Customized products

Products produced according to our customers’ individual needs.

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