Class-3 Animal Fat

A dry-processed fat that is suitable for use as a raw material for biofuels.

Our class-3 fat is a mixed fat derived mainly from bovine bones and fat tissue. It may also contain fat from other animals, such as pigs. It is produced via dry-processing. The product is pressure-sterilised before the final purification, to ensure a highly hygienic result. As bovine fat is, this product is dark and transparent at high temperatures. It is produced at Honkajoki’s class-3 processing plant.

Class-3 animal fat is used primarily in the production of biofuels.

Product data
Appearance transparent, dark
Solid impurities 0.02%
Free fatty acids 10%
Water content 0.2%
Unsamponified residue 0.6%

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Meat and Bone Meal

Class 2 bone meal, a raw material for organic fertilizers.

Nitrogen 8-9 %
Phosphorus 5-6 %
Calcium 12-13 %
Organic compounds approx. 50%

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