Poultry fat

Clean, first-class fat that is free from solids and suitable for feed production.

Rendered and separated using low heat, poultry fat is a first-class fat product that is suitable for animal nutrition and has been further processed to remove water and solid matter. Among other things, poultry fat can be used as a raw material for animal feeds.

The transport distances of the raw material are short, and the production process is fast. The product has a mild odor and a pleasing yellowish color. The low melting point facilitates the product’s handling.

Poultry fat is produced in Honkajoki, in a modern processing plant designed specifically for processing poultry. All poultry by-products we use originate from Finland where the use of antibiotics in poultry farming has been prohibited since 2009.

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Product specification
Appearance translucent, bright yellow
Solid impurities 0.02%
Free fatty acids < 6 %
Water content 0.2%
Unsaponified matter 0.4%
Delivery method

Fat products are only delivered using tanker trucks.

Our products

Meat and Bone Meal

Class 2 bone meal, a raw material for organic fertilizers.

Nitrogen 8-9 %
Phosphorus 5-6 %
Calcium 12-13 %
Organic compounds approx. 50%

Customized products

Products produced according to our customers’ individual needs.

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