Ensuring the safety and quality of our products is at the core of our operation

The quality and safety of products is essential to Honkajoki Oy. Our products are processed using the best of our skills honed over 50 years and offer our customers products that always meet the criteria for excellent quality. Due to our transparent supply chain, careful operational processes, and diligent quality control, we can ensure the high quality and safety of our products.

Our customers appreciate our high quality, safe and traceable products.

Careful quality control prevents risks

No product is dispatched to the customer without a clean approval from quality control. We actively monitor the quality of raw materials and products, and many different microbiological analyses are carried out on the products. Samples from our product line are taken daily, and each sales batch is carefully reviewed before dispatch. We comply with the monitoring programme, which defines for example the studies to be carried out, the analytical and sampling method and the preventive measures. The monitoring programme consists of statutory procedures for good hygienic practices and production methods. Our laboratory partners are Eurofins Scientific Finland Oy, Seilab Oy, Fevia Oy, as well as the laboratories of Finnish Food Safety Authority.



Botulinum toxin


Anaerobic microbes

Total number of bacteria

DNA analysis

Sampling methods

The production line is sampled continuously with an active sampling probe.

The collection samples of a sales batch are compiled into a composite sample to be submitted to the self-control laboratory for analysis.

Frequency of checks

Samples from the production line are collected daily.     

The samples are analysed per sales batch. 


The results can be obtained from the lab within five working days.     

The results are delivered electronically to the results service and signed certificates of analysis are delivered by post to the plant.     

The results are kept in a locked cabinet.

Corrective and preventive measures

The production line is cleaned and kept tidy according to the plant’s self-control programme.     

The products are always analysed before delivery to the customer.     

If the limit values for the analysis are exceeded, the product is not delivered to the customer. 

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