Precise transportation preserves high quality of raw materials

We collect animal by-products from slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants and in addition also cadavers from farms as a separate service. We transport these materials to our production facilities safely, efficiently and punctually. We work in accordance with our agreement with the government of Finland and the transport service is available in Finland only.

Safety starts at the beginning of the supply chain

The responsible practices of Finnish production facilities and slaughterhouses offer the best possible basis for producing high quality and safe organic raw materials. In order to preserve the valuable nutrients and high quality of the raw materials as well as prevent growth of harmful bacteria, transportation is arranged as soon as possible after receiving the transport inquiry.

The collection of materials from different locations is planned by Honkajoki Group’s own logistics department, which uses the Helos software, created to meet the group’s needs in logistics planning and monitoring. Raw materials are always stored and processed in dedicated rooms and transported mainly under the guidance of Honkajoki Group and with contractual partners’ fleet.

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