Sustainability report of 2018 has been published

2018 was a year of growth and development for the whole Group. The new poultry line, which started its operation on November 2017, almost doubled the quantity of raw materials. The production volume is expected to rise to 190,000 tonnes in 2019, and the rise will clearly continue in the coming years. During 2018, we invested especially in the mapping of new uses for by-products, the development of the quality and sales of finished products, and the energy efficiency of our operations. We invested in automating our operations so that we can streamline our internal processes, accelerate the processing time of materials, and further reduce our energy consumption. We also optimised production using smart technology.

The new responsibility report is dedicated specifically to the way in which Honkajoki’s operations account for environmental welfare and business ethics. These themes have also emerged in the discussions with our stakeholder groups. We also deepened our materiality analysis of 2017 in order to find more concrete issues to report. Based on discussions with our stakeholders and the themes that have emerged in customer surveys, we have also brought to responsibility report topics that are of the greatest interest to our stakeholders. These include product safety, production chain transparency, operational reliability, circular economy, environmental responsibility and employee well-being.

The report has been implemented in line with the Core level of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard. The report is available in English and Finnish.

Download the report in Finnish here.
Download the report in English here.

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