The overall impact of Honkajoki’s operations is strongly positive based on the new Net impact model

In the Honkajoki Group, responsibility plays a significant role in everyday business. In the spring of 2020, Honkajoki Oy was invited to participate in Upright Nordics Oy’s Net impact project, the aim of which is to comprehensively map the negative and positive effects of the company’s operations and especially their mutual relationship with the help of artificial intelligence. The analysis takes into account the effects on the environment, health, society and information. The aim was to get acquainted with the net impact approach and to have Honkajoki Oy build its own net impact profile.

The net impact profile is based on the products and services offered by the company and the analysis has been made using a net impact model developed by Upright. The model utilizes global databases of scientific publications, scientific articles, and machine learning to summarize how a company’s products and services impact the environment, human health, society, and the creation and sharing of new knowledge.

Honkajoki Oy is a company with a strong net positive effect. The biggest clear positive impact comes from waste reduction and efficient recovery. The Upright model takes into account both direct and indirect taxes when determining the net effects of firms. Therefore, as a result, the positive impact of Honkajoki Oy on the surrounding society is significant.

The recovery of by-products significantly reduces the absolute amount of waste and has a very positive effect. Some of the emissions caused by meat production go to Honkajoki, because Honkajoki is part of the meat production value chain. It is worth noting that the impact is seen on a global scale.


There were clear differences between the products. Cattle products stood out due to their greater negative environmental impact in the comparison of protein products. The same was repeated for the comparison of animal fat products. See picture below.

To sum up the first part, it can be said that the project has given a very interesting new perspective on the effectiveness of our operations. A negative impact assessment is needed, and it is important that we are aware of the carbon footprint emissions, not forgetting the perspective of the significant positive effects that companies create on society and at the individual level. The net impact assessment model is being actively developed and Honkajoki Oy will continue cooperating with Upright Nordic Oy for the next phase of the project.

For more information visit uprightproject.com/reports/net-positive-nordics and download the report.


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