This is what future looks like!

The whole future of planet is on display at Kirkkokallion ecopark in Honkajoki. 

Text Timo Riihentupa, videos Tomi Glad

The road sign reads “Kirkkokallio”.

A dark, narrow and frost-torn asphalt road meanders over the field opening to the edge of the forest, towards the destination.

We are in Honkajoki, a municipality with about 1,600 inhabitants, which joined Kankaanpää at the beginning of 2021. Pori is an hour’s drive away, while the distance to Tampere is almost twice as much. To the north is Vaasa a couple of hours away.

Honkajoki is not planted in congestion: a small and remote village in northern Satakunta is not the center of Finland or the world.

But maybe it should be. ”

Read our interesting article on the industrial symbiosis from this link.


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