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Honkajoki Oy is a Finnish company specializing in producing pure raw materials from animal by-products. Honkajoki Oy provides a solution for turning waste into profit as an easy-to-buy and simple-to-deliver modular recycling plant. Honkajoki concept processes animal by-products into highly profitable, clean and ecological raw materials. Raw materials are in high demand in agriculture, energy production, and in chemical and fuel industries.

Honkajoki Oy’s own recycling plant operates in Honkajoki, Finland, processing annually over 170.000 tonnes of animal by-products into valuable raw materials.

Waste today – valuable commodity tomorrow

Honkajoki recycling plant enables the utilization of animal by-products which otherwise would be considered as waste. Unutilized animal by-products are a massive burden for the environment and a huge economic loss.

Honkajoki recycling plant carries out the ecological processing of animal by-products; the process generates raw materials that are clean and available for further processing. Purified fat and protein are high-demand commodities for different industries.

Ecological and efficient process

Honkajoki concept utilizes animal by-products, such as by-products from slaughterhouses. In the recycling process, raw materials are processed and sterilized, guaranteeing safe and versatile end products.

Animal by-products into profits

In meat production, up to 40% of profitable raw materials are wasted. Meat production continues to grow worldwide and new innovative solutions for by-product utilization are needed.

Honkajoki concept provides a solution for animal waste management, generates revenue and has a short payback period of typically only 3–4 years. Animal by-product recycling is profitable & ecological business in a growing market.

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