Growth by recycling

Honkajoki Oy (Ltd) processes animal by-products from Finnish farms, slaughterhouses, and meat cutting plants and refines them into organic raw materials for various industries. We ensure that the valuable nutrients in animal by-products get back to natural circle responsibly. By promoting the hygienic handling of by-products globally, we also prevent the spread of pathogens and diseases.


Our operations are honest and transparent in all areas of our business.

Environmental friendly

We operate according to the principles of circular economy and agroecology.


We continually invest in the development of our products and services.

Growth orientation

We strive for a leading position in all areas of our business.


We care for the well-being of our staff in everyday life.

Over the 50-years-long history of Honkajoki Group, we have created a circular economy concept, which today is one of the most efficient and responsible processing models for animal raw materials.

Kari Valkosalo, CEO

In Finland, meat consumption generates as by-product 250 000 tonnes of animal material, unfit for human consumption, per year. A major part of these substances are being transported to Honkajoki Oy’s production facilities, where they are bing refined into clean, safe and high-quality raw materials for example for energy, cosmetics, fertiliser and animal feed industries, as well as for the fur and pet food industries.

Our resource-wise processing and production processes are based on the circular economy. Their goal is to keep the valuable by-products of the meat industry in the cycle as long as possible and with minimal waste. We have invested in technological innovations to make use of all incoming raw materials and to produce the energy we use ourselves.

Sustainable agricultural productivity and the efficient use of resources are the cornerstones of our operations. We work closely with various research institutes and actively participate in projects aimed at studying and developing operational models for the circular economy and agroecology. We also commit to develop our concept to make it even more sustainable by reducing its environmental impact and concentrating on the possibilities of further processing of raw materials.

Honkajoki Oy (Ltd) was established in 1967 and its owners are Atria Oyj (50 %) and HKScan Finland Oy (50 %). Our company is part of Honkajoki Group which also includes subsidiary companies Findest Protein Oy and GMM Finland Oy.

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Employees in the group


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Sustainability report 2020

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Sustainability report 2019

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Sustainability report 2018

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