Fast collection of raw materials

The speed and efficiency of the transport service are key factors in maintaining the quality of raw materials. We organize the transport as soon as possible, because quick collection prevents deterioration of chemical and microbiological quality and promotes hygienic and safe handling of raw materials.

Why Honkajoki’s pick-up?

Safe and fast cadaver collection service

With the pick-up service, you can promote the circulation of nutrients and guarantee safe handling of animals that have died on the farm. You can order the collection of a dead animal through the following services.


You can order pickup at any time by registering as a user on Raatonetti.

Minun Maatilani

Register as a user of the Minun maatilani -service and order pickup at any time.

Phone order

Phone order from the number +358 10 834 6460 during business days from 8 to 12.

Raatonetti Minun maatilani