High-quality and safe circular economy products

Limited and diminishing natural resources and population growth are the most significant challenges of our time. For our part, we want to bring solutions to them. Circular economy ensures the recycling of raw materials and the maximum use of resources in food production without losing valuable nutrients. Our goal is to upcycle all the nutrients so that nothing is lost.

We manufacture protein products used in animal nutrition as well as fat from edible by-products of animals inspected and approved for food use and which have been delivered to our process in less than a day. From other by-products and animals that have died on farms, we make meat and bone meal for fertilizer use, material for energy production, and raw material for biofuels.

Circular economy products improve the use of resources

Circular economy products replace virgin raw materials and enable the full utilization of food production outputs. We invest in responsibility and product development together with customers, innovative technology companies, and research institutions.

Circular economy

We return the valuable components in by-products back to use.

Research and quality control

We maximise the value of by-products and promote human, animal, and environmental health by preventing the spread of potential infectious agents.

Sustainability and standards

We promote the sustainable use of natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

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Protein products

High-quality and safe protein products for the animal nutrition.

Fat products

First-class animal-derived fats for feed, pet food and biofuel use.

Fertilizer raw materials

Sustainable fertilizer raw materials for the production of organic fertilizers.

Fast and efficient collection service

We take care that the raw materials of our products are always of high quality. Safety starts at the very roots of the supply chain.

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