Continuous research-based development

We work closely with various research partners to develop products and processes based on circular economy and agroecology. We actively use the results in our own products and processes.

We work with equipment manufacturers to develop our technological solutions even further. We carry out collaborative research and development with, among others, companies related to the biocircular economy, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Natural Resources Institute, various universities and universities of applied sciences, and of course in close co-operation with our customers.

6 pillars of research and product development


Our operations are guided by responsible circular economy.


We operate according to the principles of agroecology.


We pursue devloping new innovations.


Our supply chain is transparent.

Quality control

We invest in thorough quality control.


We work closely with customers and various research partners.

Quality control and research

We only deliver products to customers that meet the set requirements. The cornerstones of our operations are active and comprehensive quality control of the manufacturing processes, incoming raw materials, and end products.


High-quality and safe products

We actively develop new products, processes and overall solutions that support our customers in their business.

The circular economy enables a clean living environment

Our circular economy concept combines responsible circular economy, agroecology principles and technological innovations. We return nutrients to circulation and utilization by refining by-products into commercial industrial products.

In our Kirkkokallio unit in Honkajoki, we have already reached a level where all incoming raw materials are transformed into added value products in a way that the generation of organic waste is avoided. The excess process heat generated in the production process is used in the process itself and in the heting of the large greenhouse facilities located nearby in the Kirkkokallio ecopark area. Honkajoki Oy’s wastewater treatment plant treats own process and condensate waters, as well as the wastewater from the food factory operating in the area. The sewage sludge is directed to the biogas plant, which uses it to produce renewable energy.

The Kirkkokallio ecopark is internationally unique. Our concept is one of the world’s most energy-efficient and cleanest methods for processing animal by-products.