Company Policy

All delivered products and services are always safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly, and each patch is confirmed to be flawless before delivering it to customer. We manage the security and quality of our products and services systematically by conducting various analyses and studies during different production phases.

In order to guarantee the sustainable development of our operations, we set goals for our actions on quality, security and environment related aspects as well as follow the realization of these goals. We are committed to constantly improve the effectivity of our quality management system.

Employees are guaranteed a safe working environment in all phases of their work. We regularly carry out inspections and audits to develop our workplace safety. Each employee complies with the safety instructions, uses the necessary personal protective equipment and reports any deficiencies in safety instructions or measures to their supervisor.

We take into account the needs of our most important stakeholders – such as customers, personnel and owers – in our operations. We strictly adhere to legislation and standards, and we expect our partners to do the same.
In our operations and decision-making, we pay great attention to environmental aspects. We are committed to constantly improve our environmental expertise as well as reduce the harmful impact that our operations might have on environment.

The executive management team of Honkajoki Group creates and approves the Company Policy.
The policy has been written to meet the principles of three different certification systems:
– ISO 9001:2015
– ISO 14001:2015
– ISO 45001:2018