Responsibility guides our operations

Global warming is a significant threat to the future of the environment, people and the entire planet. Quick actions are required to stop the change. Society is at a point where it is necessary to find and implement new, efficient and environmentally friendly ways to utilize all industrial side streams.

By processing animal by-products into clean raw materials for industrial use, the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources and the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption are promoted. At the same time, by-products classified as hazardous waste are prevented from entering the environment, where the bacteria living in them would contaminate groundwater, produce emissions into the atmosphere and pose a health threat to people and animals in the area.

Honkajoki Oy’s goal is to prevent and reduce environmental impacts caused by the company’s operations and to actively reduce environmental impacts in accordance with national and international regulations. We assess the environmental impacts of the entire production chain and report on emissions in the Annually published Responsibility Report.