Circular economy products for a more responsible tomorrow

Honkajoki Oy offers its customers responsibly produced high-quality renewable raw materials for animal nutrition, biofuels and fertilizers.

We are building a cleaner future according to the principles of the circular economy. We create growth by recycling.

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What is our passion?

Adding value to products by upcycling

Our mission is to recycle the by-products of the food industry safely and responsibly. Our most important mission is to supply our customers with high-quality, up-cycled products that are 100% pure and safe. It is a prerequisite for our business and strongest competitive advantage.

Who we are

Finland’s leading handler and processor of animal by-products

We manufacture high-quality, clean and safe products for various industries from the organic non-food by-products, which emerge from the animal-based food production.

Come and work with us!

There are more than hudred of us already. Our production sites are located in Honkajoki and Kaustinen. In addition, many people working in expert positions are found in several locations around Finland.

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