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Please note: Collection services are not available at the office number. Collection service contacts are found from here: Collections.

+358 10 834 6400

Office open on weekdays between 08.00 – 16.00

Emails: firstname.familyname@honkajokioy.fi

Work supervision

Open 24/7
040 529 5761

Addresses for Honkajoki Group companies

Honkajoki Oy

Santastentie 197
38950 Honkajoki, Finland

Findest Protein Oy

Tarhatie 25
69600 Kaustinen, Finland

GMM Finland Oy

Yliopistonkatu 60A (3. krs)
33100 Tampere, Finland

GMM Finland


Product sales

Pet food and feed industry:

Fertilizer producers, fur industry:


Sales Coordinator

Mirja Ihanamäki

+358 10 834 6411

Collection service and Logistics

Collection service

Collection service center
Open on weekdays betweeen 08.00 – 12.00
010 834 6460
Orders are received also from Minun Maatilani -service and Raatonetti

Pick-up time inquiries for collection service
Weekdays between 08:00-12:00
010 834 6410


Head of Logistics

Arto Räikkönen

+358 40 074 2874



Honkajoki Oy
VAT Number: FI01326766
Electronic billing address: 003701326766

Findest Protein Oy
VAT Number; FI09394886
Electronic billing address: 003709394886

Electric invoicing
E-invoice operator: Maventa
E-invoice broker ID: 003721291126
If your e-invoice intermediary is a bank the intermediary ID is DABAFIHH

If you are unable to use e-invoicing, please submit your invoices to
01326766@scan.netvisor.fi (Honkajoki)
09394886@scan.netvisor.fi (Findest Protein)


Interview and other media requests should primarily be addressed to CEO Janne Lukkarinen.

Download logos from here.

Download promo pictures from here.


In our sponsorship decisions, we focus on children and young people in the provinces. Sponsorship applications are reviewed every six months in January and June. We only process applications sent through the form.

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Managing Director

Janne Lukkarinen

+358 10 834 6405

Head of Logistics

Arto Räikkönen

+358 40 074 2874

Environment Manager

Antti Valkosalo

+358 10 834 6428

Director, Research and Development

Mika Tuomola

+358 10 834 6466

Production Director

Jarmo Lahtinen

+358 10 834 6430

Production Manager

Joni Brandstaka

+358 10 834 6461

Production Manager

Heikki Suontausta

Production Manager Findest Protein Ltd.

Pertti Lehto

+35810 834 6480
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