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In 2023, Honkajoki Ltd will introduce a brand-new premium product, feather meal, for use in animal foods. Our feather meal is an excellent protein product to be used in animal nutrition because it is produced from 100% antibiotic free raw material, and provides an unusually high source of protein. To ensure the high quality, our feather meal will be responsibly created at our new feather meal facility only from the feathers of Finnish broiler chickens which have been approved for human consumption.

Now available in EU.

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Premium feather meal is made of high-quality raw material and processed in research-based methods

Feather meal is made of feathers that are a by-product of poultry production. To ensure the highest quality, we only use feathers from Finnish broiler chickens which are raised antibiotic-free and have been approved for human consumption (category 3 in EU regulation No 1069/2009 – read more).

By having our own facility, we can ensure the high quality of the product. In 2023, our new factory at Honkajoki, Finland, will begin producing feather meal.

After an extensive research and development phase, a modern and optimal manufacturing process is implemented in the new facility.

To make feather meal, feathers are processed in a specific way so that animals can properly digest and absorb the valuable nutrients. The feathers are hydrolyzed, dried, and then milled to form the feather meal.

feather meal in a glass and piles

Feather meal is a great option for pet food and animal feed

Feather meal is a highly sought-after product in the animal nutrition industry due to its exceptional protein composition, which accounts for about 90% of the dry weight. This protein source complements nicely other proteins in the diet because it is uniquely rich in sulphur-containing amino acids.

Animal feeds and pet foods can contain feather meal up to 10%. It gives a wonderful chicken flavor to the recipe despite having a very little fragrance and color.

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Honkajoki Ltd is Finland’s top producer of animal by-products

Honkajoki Ltd is Finland’s leading processor of animal by-products. We manufacture and refine animal by-products into high-quality, clean and safe raw materials for our customers in various industrial sectors. Organic materials sourced from the food chain and regarded as waste are reborn as commodities used as raw materials for, for example, animal food, fertilizers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and fuels.

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