Honkajoki Oy invests EUR 30 million in a new production plant 

Honkajoki Oy has decided on the largest investment in its history, a EUR 30 million production plant in the Kirkkokallio industrial area. 

The new production plant is part of the Group’s strategy to manufacture higher value-added products while improving energy efficiency. The project is eligible for Green Loan financing and it has been granted. The criteria for environmental benefits include energy and emission efficient products, concepts, and manufacturing, as well as environmentally sustainable management of natural resources. 

Construction work on the site will start in April. The new plant is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2025. 

The company will be the first in Finland to start producing animal protein hydrolysates. Honkajoki Oy is Finland’s leading processor and refiner of animal by-products. Honkajoki Oy offers its customers responsibly produced high-quality raw materials for animal nutrition, biofuels and fertilisers. 

“The new production methods coming to the plant will allow us to expand our product range and focus on higher value-added products. In addition to traditional poultry meal, we will produce new protein hydrolysates that are very high in protein and exceptionally well absorbed,” says Janne Lukkarinen, CEO of Honkajoki Oy. 

Environmental aspects addressed

With the new production processes, the energy efficiency of Honkajoki Oy’s production will be improved. In addition, the company will improve the internal recovery of waste heat from the process by building high-temperature heat pump technology for process steam production. The new plant is designed to be equipped with high-temperature heat pump technology to recover the heat from the water vapour from the drying process and convert it back into usable steam. The new technology will enable the company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the production process. The investments will be carried out in cooperation with a long-standing energy partner, Vatajankoski Oy, which operates in the region. 

“We are very pleased with the growth investment by our long-term partner Honkajoki Oy. The increase in steam demand also requires us to invest almost EUR 10 million into new, clean generation capacity and energy efficiency improvements. Together with Honkajoki Oy, we aim to make Kirkkokallio an energy-efficient and advanced circular economy park, also from an international perspective,” comments Pekka Passi, CEO of Vatajankoski Oy. 

The production plant to be built will process meat meal products with excellent amino acid composition and protein quality. The new protein and meat meal products are particularly suitable for pet food and fish feed due to their high protein content and excellent digestibility. The new plant will increase Honkajoki Oy’s processing capacity by about one third. Once the project is completed, Honkajoki Oy will be in a better position to meet the increased raw material volumes, e.g. as raw materials previously diverted to the fur industry will be processed by Honkajoki Oy. The project will also include an expansion of wastewater treatment capacity. The Honkajoki Group will also treat wastewater from the neighboring Honkajoki factory in the Kirkkokallio area. 

GMM Finland Oy will be responsible for process development, plant design and project management of the new plant. The implementation of the project will start with excavation works in April. The project will have a significant employment impact in the North Satakunta region. The project will create around 15 new jobs in the Kirkkokallio area. 

“Honkajoki Oy is a very important company for the city and the entire North-Satakunta region. The city is very pleased that the company has decided to invest on an expansion in our city. I would like to thank the company and its CEO Janne Lukkari for a very smooth cooperation. The company is located in the Kirkkokallio eco-industrial park, where the city, together with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Honkajoki Oy and other companies in the area, is currently preparing the strategy work for the eco-industrial park. Honkajoki Oy is also strongly involved in this work and this expansion investment will also strengthen and develop the entire eco-industrial park.” Mika Hatanpää, Mayor of Kankaanpää.