Honkajoki Porcine Protein Meal as a Poultry Feed Ingredient


Honkajoki Porcine Protein Meal is a high-quality protein source containing all the essential amino acids necessary for poultry growth and development.

It is generally used at a rate of around 5% in poultry feeds, with consistently positive results. Phosphorus content is often a limiting factor in feed recipes. 

Phosphorus Source 

Additionally, Honkajoki Porcine Protein Meal is an excellent source of phosphorus, an essential mineral for bone development. Therefore, monocalcium phosphate can be replaced with this more sustainable, circular economy product. 

Positive Impact on Animal Well-being 

The use of porcine meal in poultry feeds is relatively recent, following regulatory changes that allowed its inclusion from 2022 onwards. Poultry, being naturally omnivorous, have shown improved well-being when fed with Porcine Protein Meal. An example of successful use of porcine meal in layer feeds can be found here. 

Safe Method of Processing (Method 1) 

Honkajoki Porcine Protein Meal is produced at a facility dedicated for pork processing only, using a safe processing method that ensures the product’s high quality and safety. This method complies with EU regulations, which specifically permit the use of porcine meal in poultry feeds. 

Well-Studied Ingredient 

Honkajoki Porcine Protein Meal has been extensively studied in broiler chickens at Natural Resources Institute Finland. We can provide detailed guidance on the protein, amino acid, and phosphorus digestibility upon request 

Could Honkajoki Porcine Protein Meal be Used in Your Feed Factory? 

Honkajoki Porcine Protein Meal is suitable for use in poultry feed production lines. It can also be used in feed factories following GMP+ standards through an exceptional procedure. It is important to consider whether the same production line is used for other types of feed. Currently, porcine meal is recommended for production lines dedicated solely to poultry feeds. 

Packaging and Customization 

Honkajoki protein products are sold in big bags ranging from 1000 kg to 1400 kg, tailored to meet customer needs. This flexible packaging ensures that you receive the exact quantity required for your operations, facilitating ease of storage and handling.