Clarus EU-project uses Artificial Intelligence


Clarus EU-project uses Artificial Intelligence

A new EU research project Clarus has started at Honkajoki. We are constantly developing further our HonkajokiCloud™ reporting and control system service, which integrates large amounts of data from the operations at the factory floor, logistics system, weighing bridges, laboratory analysis, energy production, product inventory and maintenance system into an unified information technology and data aggregation system.

The research consortium comprising nine expert partners coming from five European countries will look into the possibilities of using this large data pool and new digital technologies in resource optimisation and minimisation of any type of waste (energy, utilities, transport, production). Project addresses use-case scenarios in actual operating environments – how they can contribute to the EU Green Deal while taking into account the maturity of the technologies to solve the challenges at hand.

This Horizon Europe -framework project is funded under the theme AI, Data and Robotics for the Green Deal.

Contact:  R&D director Mika Tuomola,