Meat and bone meal, CAT2

Meat and bone meal for renewable organic fertilizers. Contains pig, poultry and bovine by-products.

Promotes the activity of soil microorganisms as a soil conditioner. Typically contains 8–9% nitrogen, 5–6% phosphorus, 12–13% calcium and trace elements important for plants. Low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio is advantageous in terms of microbiological nitrogen mineralization and contributes to the release of soil nitrogen resources available to plants.

Phosphorus reserves are limited and becoming scarce in the world. The use of meat and bone meal as fertilizer helps in addressing this challenge by promoting the circulation of phosphorus in the food chain. Phosphorus is mainly in organic form, which promotes a steady release for plant use. The slow release helps to prevent unused nutrients from being leached into the environment.


Big bag (~ 1,5 m³)