Honkajoki protein products are used as a raw material for feed products and high-quality pet foods. All materials we process come from Finnish farms, and they are processed in accordance with the EU animal by-product legislation. All animal by-products used as raw material by us are processed on dedicated species-specific production lines.

Our protein products contain amino acids, fats, minerals, and micronutrients needed by the animals, which ensures a clean and nutrient-rich base for animal nutrition products. Honkajoki's class 3 protein products are of natural origin, which means that the high-quality foods produced for pets are safe, nutrient-rich, and naturally clean.

The production of Honkajoki is part of the responsible circular economy. Our production process promotes the sustainable use of natural resources by further refining industrial animal by-products into new products.

Low Ash Chicken Meal

A clean raw material produced from chicken by-products.

Protein 71 %
Fat 10 %
Moisture < 4 %
Ash 14 %
Poultry protein meal sack

Poultry Protein Meal

A nutrient-rich raw material that provides the base for the best animal nutrition products.

Protein 69%
Fat 10%
Ash 16%
Moisture <6%

Porcine Protein Meal

Clean protein to be used as a raw material for animal feed or pet food.

Protein >56%
Fat <14%
Moisture <6%
Coarse fibers <2%
Ash <21%


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