Privacy Policy of the LIKE project’s construction site camera surveillance

  1. Registrar

Honkajoki Oy (0132676-6), Santastentie 197, 38950 Honkajoki.

Phone: 010-834 6400

  1. Contact information in matters concerning the register

Email address:

In all questions related to the processing of personal data and in situations related to exercising one’s own rights, the registrant is advised to contact the above-mentioned e-mail address.

  1. Register name

Camera surveillance register of the LIKE project construction site

  1. Purpose of personal data processing (purpose of use of the register)

The purpose of processing personal data is a recording camera surveillance system.

The camera surveillance system covers the area of ​​Honkajoki Oy’s LIKE project construction site. The purpose of camera surveillance is to produce marketing material and

to offer the persons participating in the project the opportunity to monitor the progress of the project.

  1. Data content of the register

The image data (without sound) transmitted by the cameras included in the scope of camera surveillance. In addition to the picture, the date and time of the events are stored in the register.

  1. Regular sources of information

Image material transmitted by cameras belonging to the camera surveillance system.

  1. Regular data transfers and data transfer

In accordance with the rules, material from the register is not released outside the personnel of Honkajoki Oy or its subsidiaries.

Information can only be disclosed within the limits required and permitted by the applicable legislation.

Information may be disclosed to the police or other competent authorities for the purpose of investigating crimes.

The handover is always based on a specific request made by the authority.

  1. Principles of registry protection

Electronically stored material is protected with a username and password.

Right to view the recorded image material and processing of register data: access to the camera surveillance system is limited to persons participating in the project who are entitled to see and process camera recordings.

  1. Data retention period

The data in the register will be stored until the end of 2026, after which they will be compiled into a speeded-up video and the original material will be deleted.

  1. Transfer of personal data to third countries

Personal data is not transferred outside the EU and EEA area.

  1. Right of Inspection

The registered person has the right to check the information recorded about him in the register, the right to demand the correction of incorrect information, the right to demand the deletion of his information from the register and to otherwise rely on his rights protected by the Personal Data Act.

A written request for checking and correcting information should be sent to the email address mentioned in the contact information (see para. 2).